10 #relatable memes that parents dining out know in their bones

by Tariq

Hey, remember those days when we’d all dread the idea of taking our kids out because it was too much trouble and you’d prefer to be home instead?

Ha ha ha, neither do I! But you know what, maybe these memes will jog your memory, and remind ourselves that hey, you know what, there was a time when that taking the kids out to do something, anything, was a chore!

Man, what a decade, this month!


Great minds think alike, especially at 10 PM the night before the school holidays.


The jury is out, but honestly so is the judge and the executioner


Listen to reason? Would be nice…


There’s only so many burgers you can eat before you forget what other foods taste like.


Checklists help, but only to outline the enormity of the task.


Of course they’re hungry. Hungry for those special deals at only RM 139.90!


You laugh. Obviously you’re not like that, but tell that to your knees and back that by the end of today.


In this house we practice solidarity.



Quick! Do something before someone makes you into a parenting meme!

Bonus Shelter-in-Place Meme:

In the writing business we call this "putting a lampshade on it"

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