We are here to ease your dining experience in shopping malls.

Lele came about from a bunch of office workers that always can’t decide where to eat or what choices are there to eat for lunch. From what was a simple directory of F&B outlets that was shared in a Whatsapp group amongst us, we expanded this concept upon realizing that there are many like us in different parts of KL. We also figured out that not just office workers are having a hard time navigating F&B in shopping malls, other categories of diners such as young families, couples, digital nomads all would appreciate a quick lookup of F&B choices in malls (since malls are where most of us converge), and thus we created Lele for the whole lot of us who could appreciate an Ultimate Guide to Dining in Shopping Malls.

Coming soon! Feel free to use the search function to discover restaurants in a mall or look up to see if a certain restaurant is available in a shopping mall near you. We are continuously expanding our mall listing to include more malls, starting with malls in Klang Valley.

We also have a bunch of articles that includes the latest news with regards to shopping mall happenings and F&B, opinion pieces and the Ultimate Malaysian Food Survey.

So go ahead and Lele up your next makan time!