Almost 3 All You Can Eat Buffets Available in One Utama

          All you can eat buffets have always piqued people’s interest and I know some of us actually take it up as a challenge to see if we can overeat the amount that we paid to enter the buffet. It can be all the more fun when attended with a group of friends or family. A word of advice on attending buffets, always make sure to skip a meal or two before the buffet meal to ensure maximum return on investment!

Here are your all you can eat buffet options in One Utama


A leading Halal-certified Korean brand in Singapore for the past 37 years, Seoul Garden features a 2-in-1 proprietary smokeless grill system, proprietary Korean-Asian marinades and birthday treat (your meal is on us!) with surprises, your celebrations at Seoul Garden are definitely fulfilling and memorable!

Price : Between RM40 – RM50 per adult 

Halal Status : No Pork Served

Between 31 – 50 seats available

Located on the Lower Ground Floor of the New Wing opposite Cinnabon and Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake Stalls.

Images: @seoulgardenmalaysia (instagram)

2. ROCKU Yakiniku

A casual, upbeat and edgy delivering a fresh concept to traditional Yakiniku

joints, ROCKU Yakiniku defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese

dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture.

Guest can savour their food hot throughout the entire meal, and there’s no better way

to enjoy the tantalizing cuts of meat, ranging from beef to lamb, pork and chicken,

flown in all the way from Australia and New Zealand.

ROCKU also entertains and enthralls guests with live band performances that play

modern and classic music with various genres such as Pop-Rock, Acoustic and Jazz

Price : Approximately RM100 per couple

Halal Status : Non-Halal

Around 50+  seats available

Located on the First Floor of the New Wing, right beside Kipling

Image: @kelly.lyp (instagram)
Image: @geedeemcboo (Instagram)


3. Cinnamon Coffee House (Almost in One Utama)

Image: @ncwen86 (instagram)

We are cheating a little here as this is not exactly in One Utama, Cinnamon Coffee House is located in One World Hotel and accessible via the Ground Floor from One Utama. Just walk towards the walkway past Johnny Steamboat to access to One World Hotel.

Bustling daily with ‘live’ mini kitchens serving an array of freshly made food right in front of you from popular local dishes to an array of international cuisine, Cinnamon serves buffet breakfast, lunch as well as dinner with immense choices to satisfy various tastes and preferences. Do try out the myriad of irresistible dishes from our la carte menu at any time too.

During weekends, there is Hi Tea Buffet served instead of Lunch, serving special dishes including Roasted Lamb, Satay, our famous ‘Asam Laksa’ and much more. Every Saturday will feature a quick cooking demonstration and on Sundays a clown will entertain.

Price : Approximately  RM100+ per adult 

Halal Status : No Pork Served

More than 200 seats available

Located on the Concourse Level of One World hotel

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