Great Vegetarian Eats for Self-Isolating Peeps in SS 2 / SeaPark

By Tariq Ali

Hey, I get it. It’s isolation season, and everyone else is relying on home-cooking and/or delivery to get fed, and like always, vegetarians get the short end of the stick.
delivery guy on motorcycle
So why should all the meat-eaters be the one who get food delivered to them? Photo:@ Lucian Alexe (Unsplash)

Sure, you could rely on cooking food for yourself, but if you’re like me, sometimes after a day of staring at the screen and trying but failing to be as productive as you are in the office, or, you know, dealing with the many, quirks and foibles of the people you live with, sometimes you just want to not worry, you know?

man typing on macbook working from home
Not pictured: the screaming children, the massively underdone task list, impending insanity, no pants. Photo:@bongkarn thanyakij (Pexels) 

Well, thankfully, just because the biggest delivery folks aren’t vegetarian doesn’t mean that you’ve got to resign yourself to home cooking. No matter your reasons for shunning meat, here are our top 3 recommendations for you to tide over your hunger over this very stressful time:

Vegetarian Mutton Dum Biryani from Tasty Chapathi

Section 19, Petaling Jaya

This delightful combo, served with delightful dum biryani and some pretty impressive mock mutton, makes a delightful spray of 🔥🔥🔥 and color for your afternoon meals. If you’re not a big fan of spices, however, thankfully they do provide you with delicious, creamy raitha to douse those flames, though if you’re not a big fan of burning your mouth, it might be beneficial for you to order some extra raitha.

Tasty Chapathi delivers via Grab.

Ganga Standard Thali from The Ganga Cafe

Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Photo:@ thegangacafe (Instagram)

Surprisingly hefty for such an affordable price, the Ganga Standard Thali is one of the many delicious examples of vegetarian cuisine that you can get from this place. Don’t feel like it’s enough? Don’t be shy to add some extra sides from the restaurant. Or maybe you’re craving some hard-core breakfast? They open at 9 AM, thus making that order of Masala Thosai absolutely, absolutely reasonable. Go on, don’t be shy. No one will see. We won’t tell.

The Ganga Cafe delivers via Grab.

Dinosaur Size Salad from Salad Atelier

Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Photo:@ saladatelier (Instagram)

You know, despite its reputation for being a place for health freaks, I’ve always found Salad Atelier a remarkably fun place to go on for dates, especially since you can get an incredibly filling and exciting meal for RM 15 per person. And you know what? Hey, they deliver! So yeah, while some of the options aren’t exactly vegetarian, you can put together a delicious, filling and wonderful meal for you and someone else, and in record time, too!

Salad Atelier delivers via Grab.

Got any other delicious places or cuisines that deliver to recommend? Let us know! Seriously, I’m dying of boredom here, please asking for a friend.

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