New Norms F&B

New Norms When Visiting F&B Outlets During CMCO

By Zarul K.

In just a few months the world has changed and new norms are slowly taking place. PM recently announced that some rules will be relaxed as we are now entering the Conditional MCO, hence the CMCO. In this phase, business activities are allowed to re-open. So with this, businesses such as restaurants and mamaks can accept customers in their premises.


Hooray lepak la wehhh! Rite? Well….No lepak but can still dine-in restaurant quickly then go. We now need to follow standard operating procedures (SOP). This will be the new norm for the foreseeable future.


What this means is: Don’t simply simply do. Got rules now.


So, here are some of the changes you may notice when visiting F&B Outlets during this CMCO phase.

1. Restaurants, Food Courts, Gerai Makan (Covered) and Road Side Kiosks

New Norms F&B
Photo Credit@Hasnoor Hussein /TMI

Opening hours will be from 7AM – 10PM. Each premise must specify a limit to the number of customers allowed in their premises at a time. So please pay attention to the limit before entering.


Before we enter the premise, whether to eat or to tapau, there are 2 things that will happen:


  1. Our body temperature reading will be taken

  2. Personal details will be recorded (Full name, IC number, Temperature, Phone number and Date of visit)


The way information is recorded is up to the business owner. These records are important, because if in the future any customer has been tested positive for Covid-19, the authorities can easily trace and contact the other customers for screenings.


Inside the premise things will look different as well.


  1. Dining tables will be arranged 2 meters apart 

  2. Not more than 4 people at one table

  3. Disposable biodegradable utensils will be used

  4. All workers must wear facemasks

  5. When you line up to pay at the counter, there will be markers on the floor for you to follow. If possible go cashless when making payments

  6. All these restaurants now must have hand wash sinks with soaps or at least hand sanitizers at the counters, use it before you leave

2. Food trucks, Mobile Hawkers and Street Food Sellers

Photo credit@hannicranswick (Instagram)

Opening hours: 7AM – 10PM. These are your Rojak, Char Kuey Teow and Pisang Goreng stalls. Morning markets, pasar malams, ramadan bazaars, and Aidilfitri bazaars are not allowed.


For each stall, there must be at least 1 meter gap between each customer or each stool. If there are small tables, not more than 2 people at one table. 


Disposable biodegradable utensils will be used. Stall owners must provide hand sanitizers for customers to use.


Most stalls won’t have cashless payment systems with them, so most likely payments will be in cash. To avoid physical contact when dealing with cash, put your money on the table or somewhere safe. It’s ok don’t feel bad, you can give the stall owner a big smile as you leave.

3. Mini Marts, Grocery Stores and Department Stores

Opening hours: 8 AM – 8 PM. As it was during MCO, major outlets were allowed to operate and similar rules as before still apply.


  • Number of customers allowed to shop at a time will be limited

  • There will be floor markers to ensure at least 1 meter gap between each customer when lining up to pay.

  • Cashless payment (Example: e-wallet, credit card and other methods) is highly encouraged

  • Hand sanitizers must be provided for customers to use before leaving

To be safer when visiting any of these outlets, bring your own hand sanitizer as standby, wear your masks at all times and keep a safe distance with anybody. Or if it’s bazaar dishes that you’re looking for how about ordering online here and save the hassle of donning a mask and bringing a pocket size hand sanitizer altogether.


Stay safe everyone!

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