Roti in Your Tummy: For the Roti Deprived Person in Sunway During MCO

By Kang Kung King

Just because all the roti is sold out by 10.00AM everyday during this MCO, it doesn’t mean you should give up!

For so many years, I have been eating bread for breakfast, tea time and sometimes for supper. And all this while I took bread for granted because it was always available whenever I went over to the hypermarket, convenience store or even at the petrol station. 

However, ever since this MCO started, I now know the meaning of the famous saying “My heart yearns for you” or in this case, my stomach. Once I left home early in the morning at 7.00AM to go to the nearest KK Mart and 7 Eleven, and the counter guys told me… 

“Boss, you mau mari pukul 6 pagi la boss”.  

Hey, why not go to the hypermarket like Aeon Big? Are you familiar with the board game called “Snake and ladder”? Yesterday I joined a game called “Snake and hold my bladder”….

Location: Aeon Big Subang Jaya, 11.00AM – With the “50 people at a time” strict policy, it feels like you’re lining up to buy premium goods at JPO.

That’s it, I’m done bandwagon-ing on this Malaysian bread frenzy! 

And so I have resorted to alternative options to satisfy my bread deprived stomach. Anything that is made out of dough is a go.

So here are some food delivery ideas to get some roti in your tummy!

1. Burger King

Oh yes, burgers, the meat patty in the middle commonly sandwiched by buns which is a relative of bread! Remember, alternative options to get the roti in the tummy. In the case of Burger King it’s their signature sesame seed buns.

[caption id=”attachment_1820″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″] Image: @bkmalaysia (facebook)[/caption]

Deliveries are sent out from: 

  1. Sunway Pyramid Branch
  2. Sunway Mentari Branch

Available for delivery on GrabFood & Food Panda

2. Texas Chicken

Although Texas Chicken has burgers, I did not include this into the list not because of the buns. It is here because TO ME, their honey-butter biscuit, which has a crispy outer layer and insides that is tender, is rotiish enough to satisfy your roti cravings.

[caption id=”attachment_1821″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″] Image:[/caption]

But of course I wouldn’t recommend that you order just the honey-butter biscuit because it is a side dish, instead go for the Combo Meals!

This delivery is sent out from their Sunway Mentari branch.

Available for delivery on GrabFood


3. Krispy Kreme

If you feel like snacking through those video meeting sessions during this MCO phase, having a doughnut or two, or five is a good way to keep that energy level up. With the Krispy Kreme’s range of options, if you want to stick to your basic roti objective then go for the Classic doughnut.

Image: @KrispyKreme.Malaysia (Facebook) 

But come on… it’s doughnuts we are talking about here, have the ones with the toppings. You are supposed to go nuts… with doughnuts.

But be sure not to have it too late at night, because you might get sugar high.

Deliveries are sent out from the Sunway Pyramid Branch

Available for delivery on GrabFood, Food Panda, DelivEat, & Smartbite

4. Nasi Kandar Subaidah

Sometimes when you are spoilt for choice (and your budget is spoilt), you can always turn to our very good old mamaks. And in this particular list I have chosen Nasi Kandar Subaidah. Yes of course they have roti canai, capatis and the like. 

But the main reason why they made it to this list is because they haveRoti John!! 

And that certainly satisfies the roti craving in me.

Inspired by a recent Doraemon story going on in social media, I decided to try their Roti John Jepun

They have many types of Roti Johns: John Malaysia, John Hong Kong, John Korea. You must try this!

Deliveries are sent out from the Bandar Sunway branch

Available for delivery on Food Panda.

PS: Due to the MCO Phase 2, the delivery window period for all food deliveries are from 8.00AM to 8.00PM (Last order at 7.30PM)

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