Tealive Boba Tea for only RM 7.25 a cup!

Introducing Tealive Boba DIY@Home Kit

Drink a cup of Tealive Boba Tea a day for the next 20 days without waiting for abang rider to deliver it to you.

How is this possible!?  By getting the official Tealive DIY bubble tea kit from https://shop.tealive.com.my/my-bubble-tea-kit

The kit provides you with everything you’ll need to make your own bubble tea from the comfort of your own kitchen

tea live

At RM 145, each DIY kit comes with 

  • 1kg of Pearls
  • 500g of Brown Sugar
  • 75g of Imported Nishio Matcha or 250g Cocoa Powder or 50g Dimbula Ceylon Tea
  • 75g of Imported Hojicha or 250g Cocoa Powder or 50g Dimbula Ceylon Tea
  • 3 packets of Milklab UHT Dairy Milk (1L)
  • 20pcs of Paper Straws
  • Recipes

Each kit can make at least 20 cups of bubble tea. (Stretch it out and you can even get up to 25 cups) that makes it only RM 7.25 per cup.

It comes with recipes to turn anyone into a bonafide tearista. They also have a youtube channel guide for those who are visually inclined. Check out their youtube channel here, or view one of them below.

Best thing about the DIY kit is that at the end of the day, you can bring out the adventurous side in you and create your own recipes. How bout try making a milo dinosaur bubble tea by mixing it with Milo, or even perhaps a  Ribena + ice cream soda concoction. The possibilities are endless. 

So what are you waiting for, get your Tealive DIY kit today and boba away.

Also if you’re a fan of Tealive and you think they deserve to be listed as the best bubble tea brand in Malaysia, then take part in  Lele’s Ultimate Beverage Survey and vote.

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