YUMS: S1Q2 The Ultimate Cola Choice of Malaysians

Welcome to question #2 in Series 1: Beverages of our Ye Ultimate Malaysian Survey (YUMS)

About YUMS, we are on a side quest to find out more about Malaysians and their choices of food and beverages. We believe the uniqueness of our taste palette has created a multitude of local flavors and special fusion of delicacies that we can truly claim as being Malaysia’s. Therefore we would like to get Malaysians from all walks of life to take part and have a say on their favourite choices and find out ultimately which food comes out on top. We really need to get to the bottom of which lauk goes best with Nasi Lemak for Malaysians is it sambal tumis udang or rendang ayam… You decide. 

For question 2, we would like to settle the age old debate of “ Which is Malaysian’s Favorite Cola beverage?… The obvious contenders are Pepsi and Coca Cola. As of today (27th March)  Coca Cola is leading with a huge margin of almost 60% ahead of Pepsi. If you’re a Pepsi fan and want to see that gap become more narrow, participate in the survey below and vote for Pepsi, and if you believe that Coca Cola deserves to blow away Pepsi from the charts, have a say. 

Stay tuned for the next big beverage question concerning all Malaysian’s! Hint: Teh buih…

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