YUMS: S1Q3 Your Favourite Bubble Tea

Question #3 in Series 1: Beverages of our Ye Ultimate Malaysian Survey (YUMS)

About YUMS, we are on a side quest to find out more about Malaysians and their choices of food and beverages. We believe the uniqueness of our taste palette has created a multitude of local flavors and special fusion of delicacies that we can truly claim as being Malaysia’s. Therefore we would like to get Malaysians from all walks of life to take part and have a say on their favourite choices and find out ultimately which food comes out on top. We really need to get to the bottom of which lauk goes best with Nasi Lemak for Malaysians is it sambal tumis udang or rendang ayam… You decide. 

Question 3 is directed at all you bubble tea lovers out there. With more than a hundred brands of bubble tea in Malaysia, we have rounded up what we believe to be among the top most bubble teas in demand and it is now up to you to decide “ Which Bubble Tea is the Best?” … 

Your choices include Xing Fu Tang, The Alley, Tiger Sugar and Tea Live among others. Let us know if we missed out on a big favorite and we will look to include it. Also in there are for those who don’t drink bubble tea and wants to put up a stand, you can vote for “I don’t drink bubble tea” Just to let the world know that there are many of you out there who don’t buy into this boba fad. As of now, “I don’t drink Bubble tea”  is leading at 41.7%. Closest competition is coming from Tealive’s Signature Brown Sugar Milk Tea at 11.7%. Have a say in this matter of national importance 


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