YUMS: S1Q4 How do You Take Your Sirap Bandung

Question #4 in Series 1: The Best Sirap Bandung is Prepared... with or without soda?

About YUMS, we are on a side quest to find out more about Malaysians and their choices of food and beverages. We believe the uniqueness of our taste palette has created a multitude of local flavors and special fusion of delicacies that we can truly claim as being Malaysia’s. Therefore we would like to get Malaysians from all walks of life to take part and have a say on their favourite choices and find out ultimately which food choicescomes out on top. We really need to get to the bottom of which lauk goes best with Nasi Lemak for Malaysians is it sambal tumis udang or rendang ayam… You decide. 

In Question 4, we wanted to find out how Malaysians take their sirap bandung. As most of us know, sirap bandung is a drink that you can only find in Malaysia and Singapore. Whilst some take it with just sirap and milk, some of us prefer it added with ice cream soda, which is claimed to be sirap bandung Johor style. Therefore in this round, we would like to know if people would prefer their sirap bandung with or without soda. Again this is a very important matter and needs to be determined once and for all so that we all have comfort in knowing that we belong to the majority. It’s what makes us able to sleep at night soundly, isn’t it?. The results in so far indicates that, 57.9% prefers sirap bandung with ice cream soda. Think otherwise? Tip the scale and be counted by voting here:


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